TWRA Boater Safety Exam

Hardin County Library is the location for taking the TWRA boat safety exam. All individuals that were born after January 1, 1989 and who operate a motorized craft on the water are required by the state of Tennessee to take the exam. The tests are given by appointment only, so please call 925-4314 and schedule an appointment with Connie, Frances, Shelia or Gary.

In order to take the exam, bring with you an identification and the $10.00 certificate that can be purchased at Walmart or any other local place that sells hunting licenses. On the day the exam is passed, you will be legal to operate a craft on a Tennessee waterway.

We have study guide booklets available at the front desk, or you can access it online at

For additional information about boating safety education, please visit the TWRA Boating Safety Education page.

For more information or to receive a home study book: Call the Boating Education Office at (615) 781-6682 or send an e-mail.

Note: People who rent any type of watercraft are exempt from having the certification.  The renter is determined by the name that appears on the rental agreement.

If your parents or someone else purchases the permit for you to take the exam, they must give your information to the sales agent. Otherwise the proper information will not match and you will not receive the boating safety certificate.